These are the major services we offer.

Borehole Drilling

We have more than 20 years experience in borehole drilling. Because drilling is an art, we always make sure we do it proffessionally and perfect.

Full Casing

This method does little damage to the borehole wall, and the drilling fluid coats and seals the borehole wall reducing fluid loss and wall collapse.

Flush Outs

We offer Cleaning and disinfecting of existing boreholes, the main reason is to purge the hole of siltation which occurs over time

Capacity Testing

Capacity testing is used to determine the maximum sustainable drawdown on the borehole and the dynamic stabilized water level too.


We are proud to be the partners of ZIMSWAP project which is a multi-pronged project that gives schools and communities access to clean water, educates children on farming and agriculture, improves the nutrition of school children and links communities to markets to sell produce from ZIMSWAP.

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Our work in selected pictures...

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Borehole drilling at Oriel Boys High School.

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The Green Team at work.

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We perfom flush outs if no water is coming out of your borehole.

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Never run out of clean water in your home.